HRT and its link to breast cancer is back on the news again

New research has revealed that the risk of developing breast cancer from taking combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is likely to have been previously underestimated by up to 60%.

According to findings from the Breast […]

A Dietitian’s thoughts on weight management and fad diets

We live in an age of best-selling cookery books, TV personalities and Instagrammers (and other social media stars) that sell to us the aspiration of clean living, healthy eating and low sugar diets. Why then […]

Vitamin B – Your Energy Source

In our previous blog we explained the benefits of Vitamin D for a healthy lifestyle. Now we take a look at why Vitamin B is crucial for our health as well.

Firstly, it is important to […]

10 Ideas For Celebrating International Women’s Day

 Today’s post is from a very special guest blogger, Morta Jablonskaite our first ever intern here at We Understand Women’s Health. See more from Morta by visiting her blog here.

We as women, the kind creatures that we […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month – Don’t stay silent, it’s time to shout

Ovarian cancer is often referred to as a silent killer, meaning we could have it and be none the wiser. The thought that I, my friends or my mum could be unknowingly living with this […]

Flipping hell! It’s Pancake Day! Here are our top 5 fillings!

Flipping hell! It’s pancake day! Here are 5 pancake fillings and toppings that the We Understand Women’s Health team get egg-cited about:

1. Sugar and lemon. The classic combination of sweet and sour, cast liberally over […]